Central America 2012


After teaching English in El Salvador, during my last two vacations, I felt it was time to move on and see some more of Latin America.  Susan enjoyed coming to the Costa del Sol to spend time with me there, but she said she wanted to go on a real holiday this year.  We are planning to spend two weeks in Nicaragua in November, but I decided to do three weeks of Spanish school in Antigua, Guatemala ahead of that.  In 2005, Susan and I came here and we both took Spanish lessons.  Antigua, the original capital of Guatemala, is a lovely old town, with cobblestone streets, tiled roofs and classic Spanish colonial architecture.  It also has a well-deserved reputation for Spanish language training.  There are dozens of small schools scattered throughout the town.  The quality of instruction is very high and the instructors are professional and competent.  Guatemaltecos speak a particularly pure form of Spanish; free of strong accents or local dialects.  The lessons are also very cheap compared to schools in other countries.  Antigua has become a popular tourist town, filled with gringos, but as a result, it has bars, restaurants, hotels and hostels of every description and price level.  Antigua isnít the real Guatemala, but it is a very easy and comfortable place to spend a few weeks.




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