We often thought of visiting Cuba, but we aren’t really beach-people and an all-inclusive resort didn't appeal.  An acquaintance told us that he  always stays with Cuban families in their homes when he visits the island and that seemed more like our style.  Through the internet, we learn that Cubans are now allowed to offer “bed and breakfast” (casa particular in Spanish) accommodation to tourists.   So, in April, we flew to Havana, rented a car and set out to tour the island.  For two weeks, we stayed with Cuban families, slept in their spare rooms, ate at their kitchen tables and occasionally watched really bad Cuban television in their living rooms.

It was a unique and fascinating experience! Cuban people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality. The welcome we invariably received was even warmer than we were led to expect.  It seemed that everyone we met became our life-long friend.


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