El Salvador 2011


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Well, I am back in El Salvador.  When I left last year, everybody asked me when I was going to come back.  The little boys were in tears.  What could I do?  So I have come for another eight-week stay, to teach English and enjoy the company of these lovely people.  Francisco picks me up at Comalapa Airport and brings me to his place.  I move back into his little casita and settle in nicely.  The swimming pool has suffered some mysterious ailment and is empty, but other than that, everything is the same.  I go to Misaelís house where the family greets me like a long-lost cousin.  I tell them their house is mi segundo hogar and I am delighted to be sitting talking with them again.  Both Misael and Felipeís English have improved noticeably since I first met them and they are dead keen to learn even more.  They also promise to help me improve my Spanish while I am here.

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