Europe 1969 - 70

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During the winter of 1968, as we are finishing our second year at the University of Guelph, my friend, Don Spears and I start talking about taking a year off and backpacking around Europe.  To my astonishment, my mother encourages the idea.  She says:  “I have been wondering when you would get around to it.” 

Just after New Years, I take the Greyhound to Thornhill, north of Toronto, where Don’s family lives and we make final preparations for our expedition.  We are booked from New York City to Luxembourg on Loftleiđir, Icelandic Airlines, the cheapest way to Europe.  Click here for Page 1



A few years ago, I was bored at work so I dug out the journal I kept during this European adventure.  It seems I was quite religious about making daily entries while travelling, but tended to let it go when I stayed in one place for any length of time.  During the trip, I wrote a letter home to my family pretty much every week and, fortunately, my mother kept them all.  With the help of the letters, I was able to recreate the missing entries and fill the gaps in the journal.

I apologize for the poor quality of many of the photos.  Most were taken with a $19.00 Kodak Instamatic on slide film and were scanned nearly fifty years later.  Some of the colours are quite faded and the dust and scratches don't help either.  I wish I had taken many more photographs but film was expensive in those days.  I have inserted a few stock pictures here and there to fill in.