Germany, Austria, Czech 2014

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Susan's old High School friend, Heidi Kihn lives in Germany.  Heidi invited us to her 60th birthday party and said we were expected to be there.  This gave us an excellent excuse for a tour of Europe.  I haven't been back to St. Anton in Austria to visit the people I lived with in 1969-70 and I wanted Susan to see this beautiful part of the world and meet the people that were so good to me way back then.  I have never travelled through other parts of Austria, so we plan an itinerary to  take us to Innsbruck and Salzburg.  We want to visit some friends in Berlin and that takes us through Prague and Dresden.  Then we stopped in Leipzig and eventually ended up in the Franconia part of Bavaria where Heidi lives.

With a rental car and the help of Tilly, our GPS guide, we had a lovely tour around Europe.  Click on the Page 1 button to travel with us.

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