Pack List

Home Up

“Bring half as many clothes and twice as much money!”

  “There are only two kinds of luggage:  carry-on and lost!”

PACK LIST   (*wear for traveling)

1 pair sturdy shoes* 1 light jacket/raincoat* Viscose towel, washcloth
1 pair sandals or flip-flops Sun hat Universal sink stopper
1 belt* Sunglasses Doorstop (for security)
5 pairs underwear Camera charger or batteries Small packets of laundry soap
5 pairs socks Cell phone and charger Surgical rubber clothesline with carabiners

2 pair casual slacks

Electrical adapter/convertor Light cord
1 pair jeans* Notebook, pen Sewing kit (large needle for dental floss)
1 pair shorts Address book Spare glasses/copy of prescription
1 long-sleeved dress shirt/blouse* Guidebook, map Several photocopies of passport
1 short-sleeved dress shirt/blouse Dictionary or phrase book Credit card numbers and numbers to call
3 T-shirts Small binoculars Health insurance information
1 long t-shirt or sarong Travel alarm clock International driver’s license
Swim suit Small flashlight (or headlight) Moneybelt or security pouch
1 sweater* Extra batteries Passport



Toothbrush Deodorant Band-aids
Toothpaste (or toothpowder) Nail clippers Antiseptic ointment
Proxabrush & refills Antacids Lip balm
Dental floss Sunblock Diarrhea treatment
Soap & container Insect repellent Prescription medications/vitamins
Shampoo Afterbite Information re: prescription meds
Razors Aspirin  


CARRY-ON (small light packsack)

Computer and charger Earphones Eye mask
Kindle and charger Dictionary or phrasebook Toilet paper
Camera Inflatable travel pillow Eye glasses