In his early twenties, Bob spent a year and a half backpacking in Europe, acquiring a life-long love of travel in the process.  Then, a career change (an ill-considered venture into pig-farming) pretty much eliminated the possibility of exotic destinations.  Susan never had the opportunity to see the world, although she dearly wanted to.

In the last few years, we have reached a stage in our life where we can take some time off,  so we are making travel our first priority.  The strategic use of Travel Reward VISA cards in our business generates enough frequent-flyer points to allow us to go just about anywhere we want.  Neither of us are very enthused about all-inclusive resorts.  We prefer to travel off the beaten path and get to know local people whenever possible.  This inclination has led us into many interesting and unusual adventures

Each time we go on a trip, we keep a journal and then we turn it into a story.  We enjoy writing about our adventures and it helps us to remember them, too. A small digital camera, allows us to add photographs to our stories.  As you can see, we are accumulating quite a collection.  A personal website like this is an easy way to share our stories and pictures with family and friends.  We hope you enjoy reading about our experiences as much as we enjoy writing about them.

Friends who follow our adventures often ask us for travel advice.  We have collected some hints that we are happy to share.  Click on the TRAVEL HINTS button below.

Travel Hints Europe 1969 - 70 Scotland 1998 ZIMBABWE 1999 Greece 2001 Ireland 2002 Cuba 2003 Georgia 2003 West Coast 2004 CUBA 2005 Guatemala 2005 Bahamas 2008 GEORGIA 2009 El Salvador 2010 El Salvador 2011 South America 2012 Central America 2012 Normandy & Brittany 2013 Germany, Austria, Czech 2014 Ecuador & Peru 2015 Cambodia & Vietnam 2016

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