Bob and Susan's Trip to Africa

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In 1997, a Skene Family Reunion was held in Dryden.  During the planning stage of this event we received a fax from Diana Bradley in Harare, Zimbabwe: 

           “Hi!  We have heard about the Skene Family Reunion.  We think we are related and we would like to come.” 

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to come to our reunion, but we promised that one day we would travel to Zimbabwe and meet them.  So, in November 1999, we spend four weeks, living in their apartment in Harare, getting to know them and exploring their beautiful and fascinating country.

Deveron Mansions, small apartment block built by Di's grandfather

Di’s great-grandfather, William Skene, and my great-grandfather, Robert Skene, were brothers, but we never knew anything about this family.  William stayed in Scotland, while Robert emigrated to Canada in 1890.  William's daughter, Dianna, emigrated to South Africa in 1931, moving up to Rhodesia six months later.  Her husband, Di's grandfather, was a builder who erected many public buildings in Harare, as well as building a small block of flats (we would call it a four-plex), in which the family now lives.  Sadly, Gran passed away in September at the age of 97.  We missed meeting her by only two months.  

Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) is located in Southern Africa.  It is surrounded by Botswana and South Africa to the south; Zambia to the west and north and Mozambique to the east. The capital, Harare (formerly Salisbury) is a modern cosmopolitan city of 1 million.  The country is rich in natural resources but the economy is in serious decline due to the corruption and mismanagement by the current government of Robert Mugabe.

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